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Josephine Moss
Editor, Dispensing Truth

About this community:

We created Dispensing Truth to offer reliable information and resources to people who are considering participating in the emerging legal cannabis culture. We are professional women – writers, business owners, lawyers, etc. - dedicated to separating fact from fiction. We recognize the medical benefits of cannabis and believe in legalization, but we’re not Pollyanna’s. If there’s research that shows negative impacts of marijuana, we’re going to share it. If there’s something good, we’re going to post it, too. Articles on Dispensing Truth have often been published before in reputable media outlets, some are written by our editor and contributors. But we promise to check sources and you won’t read false news here.

About the editor:

Josephine Moss was raised during the D.A.R.E. movement in an inter-city New York public school; which is to say she's been questioning the status quo for her whole life. After an accident landed her on opioids, she turned from cannabis dabbler into an activist spreading the truth about this holistic alternative to anyone who will listen.