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Jeanine Moss
Editor, Dispensing Truth

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Jeanine Moss is a journalist, editor, publisher and cannabis entrepreneur. She has createdmagazines, websites, annual reports, newsletters, videos and events reaching millions of people worldwide for New York City, The September 11th Fund,The Clinton Foundation, United way of America and numerous Fortune 50 and non-profit organizations. As Vice-Chair of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) Marketing and Advertising Committee, she works with a team of communication luminaries to promote best practices and address barriers in the cannabis industry. A trend-spotter and innovator, Jeanine's passion is creating information and products for the new cannabis culture to improve people’s quality of life - helping them be more healthy, comfortable and happy. After using medical marijuana to reduce her reliance on opiates after hip surgery, Jeanine became a fervent believer in its medicinal powers and is now a strong advocate.